Creating a Home Gallery

Whether it’s creative children’s school projects, a collection of your favorite photos, or pieces of more formal artwork, I recently ran across a helpful hint list for transforming those personal treasures into a home gallery.

Designer Sabrina Alfin of San Mateo, CA publishes a 10-point punchlist for creating a home gallery. Among her deft design pointers:

  • Remember, the art doesn’t have to match the sofa – Alfin says balance and composition are key when using contrasting patterns or styles.
  • Using multiples of the same frame size and style make a statement. Alfin says if you’re using black and white photos, consider using a bold wall color to make the photos pop and “anchor” the wall with a console or shelf.
  • Make sure you consider the height of your ceilings. If you have a particularly large wall with lots of height, Alfin says add more rows and columns to keep the scale of the gallery consistent with the scale of the wall.
  • Mix and match frame styles and art genres. Alfin says the key to a harmonious eclectic look is composition and balance. Keep the display tightly grouped.
  • Sometimes frames themselves can be the art. Alfin says vintage frames have so much character and patina – give them the spotlight in a nook, powder room, or bedroom.
  • Alfin says using long hallways or staircase walls as gallery space is a great way to display family photos and save on “real estate” on your home surfaces.
  • Experiment with alternative display methods like wire/clip systems or plastic wall pockets. Alfin says these are fantastic ways to display your children’s art and allows you to easily change the gallery as new pieces are created. Also a great solution for a home office in lieu of a bulletin board.

By John Voket