Beautiful Green Lawns Boost Neighborhoods in Dalton GA, Resale Values

Curb appeal is one thing, but healthy green lawns also contribute to the amount of green homeowners might command when selling a home.

A recent post from Grass Seed USA – a national coalition of grass seed farmers and academic turf specialists – reveals how homes and homeowners in neighborhoods flush with lush lawns enjoy significant benefits, as do their communities.

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Know Before You Owe: More Dalton Georgia Homeowner Insights

It’s always great to hear when folks make the jump to home ownership. And it’s important for prospective homeowners to know about all the resources available to them to help the experience go as smoothly as possible, especially when it comes to financing.

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To Sell or Not to Sell? 5 Signs It Is Time to List Your Home in Dalton Georgia

Do thoughts of putting your home on the market and moving up, down or out of dodge all together periodically float through your mind. These days, there’s extra incentive given the inventory shortage in most regions of the country—some areas are even experiencing bidding wars.

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